Wholesum Food Calculator


Let’s imagine that you need to plan food for a big group.
Several days of meals, different dietary restrictions, allergies and appetite sizes… You need to do planning, shopping and preparing the right meals and ingredients in the right quantities. How you usually do it? Take a piece of paper and calculate your needs in your head or using a calculator, and… oops, you forgot those 3 people who are vegetarian… then you have to do everything again.
With Wholesum Food Calculator you can save your time, money and food waste by assisting with details behind meal planning for large groups.
You can build out your favorite existing recipes or import them from online Wholesum Cookbook. Export recipes and shopping lists with accurate ingredient amounts. Track inventories and costs and easily plan around dietary restrictions, allergies and appetite sizes.
This service has a two week free trial period and payment period based on the Stripe payment system. You can get your lists online or print PDF files.
Service is responsive and adaptable for tablets and smartphones.
Start enjoying your meal planning with the Wholesum Food Calculator.


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John Kamman

I have been incredibly impressed with LinkUp team of developers. They worked hard to deliver the highest-quality product possible and exceeded my expectations at every step of the way. I initially found Andriy in search of a better price than what I could find locally with other development firms. But what I found - in addition to a better price - was a much higher-quality product as well, in every way: service, design, development, communications...etc.
5+++ Stars work. Great job.

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