Economic Development In a Box

Economic Development In a Box


Even though the world changes globally, the effects are experienced locally. Each community has his own economic connection, possibilities and results. But are the local resources being tapped in an effective way? EDAIB – is Economic Development in a Box. How does it work? Communities themselves install the platform and use it as a resource. This platform grows by information shared and added by the community. The platform includes a list of business, non-profit organizations, local vacancies/talents, events and real estate and more. All in one platform.  Why rely on large search engines and third party reviewers to identify and label a community and its resources?  EDAIB offers locals a chance to share their important and unique insights with each other and visitors in order to grow economic development in their area.


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Chris Miller
Founder/CEO, Illuminomics

Yes, I love these guys. They have single-handedly changed my perspective on software development. They have consistently gone above and beyond what is asked of them, while delivering under-budget and ahead of schedule.

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If you have an existing product and want to make it more profitable, or you want to build a new service for locals, just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.


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