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We love working with startups as they take a huge leap into making their ideas come to life. We fully understand how important it is to get your product to market and we will work incessantly to see that happen. See our special offer for startups.


If you want to showcase your talents, products or family business, we can help you accomplish that quickly and easily so that you can focus on your business.



LinkUp Studio is the best team dedicated to the web and mobile development startup

!If you have an interesting idea to start your business, but do not know yet how to realize it and to begin it. Or, if you are facing with the search a good team for startup development, but did not make the choice yet.

LinkUp Studio offers you qualified team of programmers for startup development. Our dedicated team will help to turn your creative ideas into reality by providing unique, reliable and convenient software solutions.

Since 2010 LinkUp Studio works in the market of IT services as an offshore outsourcing company. The company’s office is located in Lviv, one of the biggest IT-hubs in Ukraine.

LinkUp Studio has more than 5 years experience in startup development, from initialization ideas and build MVP — «minimum viable product», to the presentation of the finished product on the market.

Offshore software development, in particular, web development or development of mobile applications, will provide you the opportunity to a considerable decrease in expenses, associated with big a salary of programmers. The transfer of software development fully or partially abroad will cost much cheaper.

Partial transfer of software development, such as outsourcing web development or outsourcing mobile development, has several advantages:

  • increase profitability. Outsourcing software development helps reduce the cost of servicing of business processes;
  • the concentration of all efforts on core business;
  • the involvement of others’ experiences;
  • reliability and stability. Offshore outsourcing company responsible for the work performed under the contract;
  • flexibility to extent of business.


1What is a «dedicated team» and how does it work?


LinkUp Studio creates a special team individually for each startup development.

To choose the perfect team, LinkUp Studio assesses the scope of the project and allocates a necessary number of team members with the appropriate skills and specialty.

The dedicated team focuses only on one project, giving you complete control and priority. Specifications and technical tasks will always remain logically associated with your primary idea and objectives.

A dedicated team of startup development is best suited when the scale of the project cannot be strictly defined and can change in the process of development.

Members of the dedicated team of startup development perform all aspects of design for the web and mobile development. We implement the design by using the latest programming technologies (Ruby On Rails, HTML5, and Angular JS).

These technologies enable us to make flexible projects and are ideally suited for MVP development so that we can quickly implement your tasks.

When one team is working on one project for a long time, all the experts develop a deep understanding of your project and the technologies that are used.

The successful product has to attract the attention of the users, resulting from the design quality. Designers of the dedicated team analyze the size and needs of the target audience of the product, ensuring that its architecture will be clear to the users.

Understanding your budget constraints, members of a dedicated team of startup development will always help optimize costs without compromising the quality of the product.

A dedicated team has a very simple and transparent pricing system: monthly payments depend on the size of the team.

So how can LinkUp Studio help you?

  • you only have the idea, we can help you transform it into a written technical specification;
  • create a minimum viable product, which can be additionally tested with your target users for improvement;
  • your dedicated team of startup development will be able to deliver high-quality solutions of any complexity;
  • you will be provided complex IT-services, including QA, UI/UX design, development or business analysis;
  • we will provide ongoing support of the functionality of the product during all its life cycle.


2What is «MVP» and why do you need to use it?


MVP development for websites and mobile applications is common in contemporary IT.

The MVP product has a simple design and simple functionality, which then can be tested on the market to see whether it has the potential to be successful or not.

Positive results at the MVP stage will give the green light to start developing a full version of startup.

Research needs of the target audience will be produced on the MVP stage, which will allow developing additional functionality that would be of interest to potential users. In other cases, these results may make you choose a totally different direction of startup development.

So, the dedicated team at LinkUp Studio on the stage of «MVP» will provide you with:

  • save time and resources making sure that you are investing in a project that is likely to be successful;
  • will know which trend will be optimal for full product development;
  • saving time and money for the development of the final product without having to conduct costly market research;
  • will make the product attractive to potential investors.

MVP will allow investors to show a prototype of a product that can explain exactly how you want to change the world. This will significantly increase your chances of getting investors.


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